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Bonheur Avenue

Sector 35, Sohna, Gurugram

RC/REP/HARERA/GGM/606/338/2022/81 (Phase I) RC/REP/HARERA/GGM/712/444/2023/56 (Phase ll)
| https://hareraggm.gov.in/en/

Why let anyone else decide how your home should feel and look? With a variety of plot options available, be the architect of your own home. Whether it’s a whimsical treehouse, a lavish villa, or a cozy apartment with a lively backyard, the choice is yours.

Best views: Scenic views of Aravalli hills and streets adorned with diverse trees
Multifaceted Recreational Haven: Cricket pitch, kids’ play area, sit-out plaza, amphitheatre, outdoor gym
Nature’s Retreat: Vegetable garden, magnolia garden, aromatic garden, yoga lawn, herbs garden
Outdoor Escapes: Library, basketball court, arrival greens, pebble bed


Badminton Court

Bring your skills and excitement to our badminton court, where every match becomes a blend of elegance and agility.

Kids’ Play Area

Explore the true meaning of ‘fun’ in our Kid’s play area, as you go from shared laughter to thrilling adventures.


Experience full-on entertainment at our amphitheatre, where cultural events create unforgettable moments for all.


Experience an oasis of relaxation. With a perfect blend of comfort and luxury, enjoy privacy and tranquility while basking in the outdoor ambiance but away from the sun’s rays.

Basketball Court

Dribble, shoot, and score on our basketball court, where every game is a chance to score and shine.

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